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LANSAR® - Neutron Generators

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System Components

LANSAR® accelerators use AccSys' patented linac technology to provide compact systems designed for reliable long-term operation in neutron generation applications that utilize customer supplied targets. In a typical application a customer supplied target is mated to an AccSys supplied linear accelerator.

The light weight, compact size, and rugged construction make LANSAR® systems easily transportable. As with all AccSys products, the modular design allows maximum flexibility for installation in an existing facility. These systems are proven to operate reliably under harsh conditions in the field. For all of its advanced features, LANSAR® is simple to operate and easy to maintain, with low operating costs.

The LANSAR® family of linear-accelerator-based systems have been developed specifically for reliable long-term operation for non-destructive inspection applications in research and industrial environments. These are compact systems based on AccSys' patented compact ion linac technology. Key features of LANSAR® systems include:

  • No radioactive materials
  • Field serviceable with low maintenance and operating costs
  • Rugged units that are transportable in some configurations
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Computerized control and monitoring
  • Variable intensity and pulse structure

LANSAR® System Components

  • Pulsed ion injector with a duoplasmatron ion source provides a high current proton or deuteron beam
  • Linear accelerator (typically a single RFQ but a second stage DTL is used for beam energies greater than 4 MeV)
  • Pulsed rf power system featuring compact and reliable multiple planar-triode technology
  • Vacuum system consisting of commercial cryopumps or turbomolecular pumps with computer-automated controls
  • PC-based control system with built-in diagnostics

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