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AccSys Technology, Inc. Product Applications

AccSys offers a wide vary of models for many applications. We offer linacs for use as synchrotron injectors for proton beam therapy, neutron generators and radioisotope production equipment for production PET (Positron Emission Tomography) isotopes.   AccSys can also design a custom system for your ion beam application if one of our standard models does not fit your application.

Synchrotron Injectors for Proton Beam Therapy

LiNSTARtm is AccSys’ product line of linac systems designed for injection of ion beams into synchrotrons for Proton Beam Therapy applications. 

Neutron Generation

LANSAR® is a versatile line of accelerators for use with customer supplied targets, ideally suited for a wide range of research, industrial and medical applications where generation of neutrons is required.

PET Isotope Production Linacs

PULSAR® is AccSys’ product line of Linacs for the production of radioisotopes for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging applications.  PULSAR® can produce both 18F and 11C isotopes for PET use and can be supplied in both standalone and mobile configurations.

Applications with custom requirements

AccSys can manufacture a wide range of high-current pulsed proton Linacs that provide varying peak and average currents at energies up to and above 100 MeV.   The unique ability to vary pulse width, energy and current from pulse to pulse allows one accelerator to simultaneously provide tailored beams for multiple targets or user applications.

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